Green Business

Caring for our planet

We are well aware that this earth and hence nature is a precious gift to us and our (small) children! We are fully aware of the influence of our business activities on the environment and society and want to act in such a way that the natural environment is preserved for future generations. Therefore, CJ Vianen believes that sustainable business is a must and constantly strive to minimize negative impact on the environment. This enables us to continually integrate sustainability into our business processes, services and products. We are providing a valuable product to our customers and while we acknowledge that the creation and the consumption of our product does have consequences for the environment and communities, we are looking at behaviors and technologies we can adopt and invest in reducing our negative impact.

We are focusing on reducing our energy consumption. We do this, among other things, by using as much LED lighting as possible in and around our 17.000 square meter facility. The lighting in our refrigerator rooms consists of LED lamps. Here’s a double-saving effect: LED lighting hardly generates heat, which means that cooling engines also consume less energy. The engines of our conveyor belts and sorting systems fall quickly into saving mode and start up quickly when capacity is needed. We also have movement detectors in many places in our building; That way our light sources are only active when needed. Our truck engines meet EURO6 emission standards and are equipped with a special feature that automatically stops the engine when loading and unloading.

Heat Cold Storage

Geothermal energy is used for heating and cooling our buildings. It is a sustainable solution that significantly reduces the consumption of fossil fuels.
The heat produced by our refrigerator engines is used directly for the floor heating, excess heat is stored in the geothermal installation The beauty of this is: with this warm water, cooling is more efficient in winter. Our geothermal installation uses residue heat in a smart way, contributing to reduced CO2 emissions.

In order to realize all this, we make conscious choices and seek balance between people, planet and outcome. This is a process, not a final destination. We are continuously looking for feasible steps to shape and optimize CSR in our company.

What do we do more?